About Us


Dear potential client and partner in your care,

Since earning my MD, I have always striven to be a leader in my field and sought to practice at the forefront of medicine. Therefore, I trained and practice in a new and advanced specialty, Female Pelvic Medicine & Reconstructive Surgery/Urogynecology. We consider the pelvic area to be interconnected and do not treat each anatomical structure as if they belong to separate specialties. Medical practitioners have begun to realize that if a patient has a problem in one area in the pelvis, there are often issues elsewhere, and rather than going to different physicians to treat a connected problem, it is better to have one expert treat everything. This is not your typical medical practice. 

Patients in my care are not herded through; you will never be rushed. There is no desk between me and my patient; only lounge chairs and a sofa. You will not be immediately asked to disrobe. Instead, we will sit and talk. You will get my undivided attention because I want to understand your heart, your mind, and your pelvis. I believe that as a female, I can relate to your concerns and am uniquely positioned to play an active role in improving your condition with all things "down there.

There is a culture of silence surrounding the issues that women face with their bodies therefore, we have found that our communicative and frank approach is difficult for some, at first. But, we empower you to be a partner in your own care and we provide a totally non-judgmental environment where our only interest is your happiness and satisfaction.

Come see us and feel the difference. I can promise you that at minimum, you will be listened to and treated as I would want to be treated.


Terri-Ann Samuels, MD, FACOG
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