Aesthetic Gynecology

What is aesthetic gynecology?

Aesthetic gynecology refers to the improvement in the appearance and functionality of the external structures of the vagina for the sake of the patient’s confidence. Every woman has her own distinct anatomy. The further away this anatomy gets from her perception of the “norm,” and in many cases the more certain abnormalities exist, the less confident she may feel functioning in daily living. This may make it difficult to wear certain types of underwear or bathing suits, affect confidence in the bedroom, or even limit a woman’s ability to engage in intercourse.

Dr. Samuels is sensitive to each and every individual woman’s perspective. As a urogynecologist, she understands and is prepared to handle all of your concerns. In the occasional patient, these issues can be much more complex than the patient appreciates. Due to her extensive training, Dr. Samuels is aware and ready to deal with even the most complicated cases.


Labiaplasty is also referred to as labial reduction or enhancement. Labiaplasty can refer to surgery on the inner lips (labia minora) or outer lips (labia majora). This procedure is for women who are uncomfortable with the size or unevenness of their labia. They can cause chronic irritation, inability to wear certain clothes like swimsuits, and difficulty with sex. The labia may grow long or uneven or saggy due to estrogen stimulation during puberty and pregnancy, the effects of gravity with aging, or weight gain or loss. Removing or reducing the size of the labia does not affect vagina functions or leave you with an open vagina.

Clitoral Hood Reduction

This is not clitoral unhooding or clitoral mutilation.

The excess skin on the sides of the clitoris is referred to as the hood. Due to effects of estrogen, testosterone, and genetics, this skin can become excessive, giving the clitoris an enlarged appearance. This can seem even larger if a woman has had a prior labiaplasty.

Clitoral hood reduction refers to reducing the excess skin that makes up the hood of the clitoris. The clitoris is not touched. This can be done concurrently with any labiaplasty or most other vaginal procedures.

Hymen Repair

The hymen is a piece of tissue partially blocking the vaginal opening. It is present in almost all women who have not had intercourse in a number of different configurations, although it can be absent. For cultural, religious, or social reasons, women sometimes want it repaired, often before marriage.

This procedure can be done with great precision in the office, giving a very satisfactory, natural appearance.